Project Description

OS Beehives


OS Beehives hive monitoring hardware and software creates a network of global beekeepers that identify causes and solutions of deteriorating hive health. OS Beehives app allows backyard beekeepers to monitor the health of their hives without disrupting the fragile ecosystem by opening each hive. Our team was tasked with designing an enterprise level dashboard that could be scaled up to accommodate up to 100 hives for commercial apiary management. The dashboard would also need to include a streamlined hive inspection report like the current app.


UX Research, Affinity Mapping, User Interviews, Wireframes, High Fidelity Mockups


Sketch, Figma, InVision, Trello, Real Time Board, Google Docs


Our team reached out and interviewed several backyard as well as commercial beekeepers from around the world. We also toured a local commercial apiary and interviewed the owner.

Some of the insights that we discovered through our research and interviews included:

  • After opening a hive for inspection, it can take up to 6 days for the bees ecosystem to fully recover.
  • Knowing when a hive is about to swarm is extremely important.
  • Most beekeepers rely on sound to determine the health of their bees.
  • Commercial beekeepers lease their hives to farmers for pollination.
  • Commercial beekeepers don’t take extensive notes while inspecting each hive.


After collecting data through user interviews, we started synthesizing data by affinity mapping. Some of the areas that stood out to us included

  • Seeing hive trends over time would be helpful.
  • Alerts are important when there is a problem with a hive.
  • Being able to assign tasks to workers on their team is important because of location.
  • The temperature of the hives is very important.
  • Mite count is important to keep the hive healthy.
  • Knowing what’s going on with my hive without opening it is important.

OS Beehives Mobile

OS Beehives Desktop